Designer Sunglasses And How To Find Them Wholesale

If you are into sunglasses as much as I am, living on an island in Florida, you will definitely want to get the best price you can on them. You may even want to resell them yourself to make some money. I personally own several pairs of high end sunglasses from makers such as Costa Del Mar, Maui Jim, and Bolle. These glasses would have set me back over 1000 bucks at retail for the 5 pairs I own; thankfully I didn't pay retail for them.

Regardless of whether you are looking for wholesale polarized sunglasses or designer sunglasses you can get them from several different sources at a good price if you do a little research and if you buy in larger quantities you can get them even cheaper. One way to do this is to get them from the distributor which is the person who receives them when they come into the country. You will pay a middle man fee for this but if you can't deal with the manufacturer or importer directly this is probably your next best deal. If you aren't going to buy very large quantities you will probably have to settle for this option because the importers usually require you to buy in bulk amounts.

The way I find sunglass wholesalers is the same way I find all of my other wholesale products, I go to my favorite search engine, sometimes Yahoo, sometimes Google, depending on my mood at the time and I type in wholesale sunglasses in the search box. If I were looking for a specific type I would put that in, such as "wholesale polarized sunglasses". This will give you a great starting point with which to begin and do some due diligence. Investigate the companies and find out how long they have been in business and whether they have any complaints by using the BBB both online and off.

Once you have scratched off any of the potential companies due to being too new or due to too many complaints proceed by finding out what their prices are and how large the quantities are that you must buy in as well as what numbers the price breaks are set at. Most importers sell the glasses by the dozen so you may get breaks at 10 dozen, 20, 50 and so on. You also want to know their shipping costs as well as their return policies. When dealing with shipping sunglasses they could be damaged in shipping and if so you want to make sure that you will be able to return them for credit or get cash back.

With designer sunglasses in particular there is a large potential for counterfeiters so that it why it is so important that you deal with a reputable company. Your customers aren't going to go after them, they are going to come after you if you sell them replicas instead of the real thing, so don't just go by price. If you get started right away you could be in business selling designer sunglasses within weeks.


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