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Polarized Sunglasses To Keep Your Eyes Safe

Polarized sunglasses have been around since 1936, when Edwin H. Land began experimenting with making lenses with his patented Polaroid filter. An increasing number of sunglasses today have polarized lenses, made of Polaroid polarized plastic sheet, to reduce glare caused by light reflected from polarizing surfaces such as water as well as by polarized diffuse sky radiation, or skylight. This can be especially useful when fishing, as the ability to see beneath the surface of the water is crucial. The polarized sunglasses used by fishermen have polarized filters with the transmission axis oriented vertically to block the light reflected by the water surface. Polarized sunglasses have increased in popularity and is are now a must have for all other water sports. They are also becoming popular with truck drivers and for general outdoor activities. Polarized sunglasses have seen a jump in sales during the last five years and are now the fastest growing segment in eyewear.To check if your sunglasses are polarized, ...


What People Consider In Choosing The Right Brands Of Sunglasses

What exactly do people consider when they choose their favorite brands of sunglasses? Today, sunglasses are no longer just seen as functional accessories that shield us from the glaring sun. They are also used to complement our outfits. Because sunglasses come both as a necessity and an accessory, most individuals would allow themselves to indulge a little bit and collect more than just a pair. They end up collecting different brands of sunglasses that come in a variation of styles.But before you get too excited to hoard everything that you see on stores, you have to take into consideration a few important factors that should be considered when choosing the right brands. By doing so, you get to make sure that you're being practical with your sunglasses indulgence. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right brands of sunglasses.The price. First and foremost, you check the price. While others love to collect a number of luxury sunglasses just because they want to own a lot, ...


Designer Sunglasses And How To Find Them Wholesale

If you are into sunglasses as much as I am, living on an island in Florida, you will definitely want to get the best price you can on them. You may even want to resell them yourself to make some money. I personally own several pairs of high end sunglasses from makers such as Costa Del Mar, Maui Jim, and Bolle. These glasses would have set me back over 1000 bucks at retail for the 5 pairs I own; thankfully I didn't pay retail for them.Regardless of whether you are looking for wholesale polarized sunglasses or designer sunglasses you can get them from several different sources at a good price if you do a little research and if you buy in larger quantities you can get them even cheaper. One way to do this is to get them from the distributor which is the person who receives them when they come into the country. You will pay a middle man fee for this but if you can't deal with the manufacturer or importer directly this is probably your next best deal. If you aren't going to buy very large quantities you will proba...


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