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Are Prescription Glasses Covered by Insurance?

Many people wonder if the cost of their prescription glasses is covered by their insurance plan. The answer is that it varies tremendously from plan to plan. Before you pay out of your own pocket for prescription glasses, take a look at your plan to determine whether or not you have vision coverage.What Most Insurance Plans CoverMost medical insurance plans cover losses of vision and finances due to eye injury or disease. In other words, if your eye is damaged in a car accident and you require the services of an eye doctor, it will be covered. Most medical insurance plans do not cover typical "wellness" care for your eyes, such as prescription glasses and routine eye exams, unless the plan has a vision insurance policy attached to it.Adding Vision InsuranceIf you are part of a group insurance plan, you may have the option to add vision insurance to your policy. This is usually considered a value-added benefit that is attached to a traditional health insurance structure. Whether you have indemnity health insur...


The Evolution of Eyewear Fashion - Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses were invented by Sam Foster, founder of Foster Grant Company in 1929. During that time, the sole purpose of those lenses was to protect the eyes from the sun's harmful rays. It wasn't fashionable, then; unlike today when everywhere you look there are "shades" in different colors and designs. Sam Foster realized that if the body needed protection and people wear clothes for that; the eyes have to be shielded as well because the sun can cause permanent and irreversible damage that can lead to blindness. Little did he know that creating such a contraption, will be one of the biggest inventions in the history of mankind.The idea of sunglasses sprouted from Asia in the year 1300; in China, eyes of the judges in a court hearing needed to be concealed so that they eye expressions couldn't be seen. At that time, the lenses were in quartz and smoked. The benefit wasn't about looking good, shielding the eyes from the sun or as a vision aid - it was plainly a shield. 130 years into it, with an idea coming fro...


The Lens Color Of Sunglasses Goes Far Beyond Just Fashion

Did you know that the color of sunglass lenses really does matter? These colors exist for a reason beyond just the aesthetic appeal of sunglasses. Though it does seem ironic that if a music or movie star chooses to don a pair of green shades for their style appeal, green shades start popping up all over middle America. Regardless, colors do have a purpose beyond the rainbow-like appeal. For example, gray sunglasses appeal to the average individual. These maintain color integrity more than any other pair, and thus the regular Joe appreciates them more than the other colors. Brown glasses will heighten depth and contrast. As a result, golfers seek these particular shades along with other shades that heighten depth and contrast, like melanin and golden brown glasses that filter out blue light and thus lessen the impact of the sky on the horizon of their drive. Skiers seem to prefer vermillion or color lenses since these work best during the days that fog lies low. Additionally target shooters and drivers appreci...


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